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Will the xbox 720 worth getting?


I have spent lots of money on games for the xbox 360 and i think its just a waste to build another console when people have spent 100s of £s

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  1. Yes because the next-gen games will be able to do things an Xbox couldn’t do and higher end PC’s could. And at some point the Xbox 360 will be left behind and there won’t be anymore games.

  2. I mean, this will be the next generation of video game consoles(8th to be exact)

    From a hardware perpective of the next-gen xbox, it’s rumored to have 16x (yes,16) more RAM memory than the 360. That means a whole lot faster processing and loading.

    The graphics rendered by the game console will also take a huge step.

    The PS4, already having been announced since Wednesday, showcased some of the future titles it will have and their amazing graphics. Although the next xbox hasn’t been announced yet, it’s best to say the graphics will be fairly accurate to that of the PS4. The gameplay trailers revealed at the show include Watch Dogs and Killzone: Shadow Fall.Take a look if you want:

    Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Gameplay: [url is not allowed].

    Watch Dogs: [url is not allowed].

    The second version of Kinect will also be coming along.

    The controller should also get an upgrade in a special way. The PS4, for example, got a touch-screen on it’s new Dualshock 4 controller.

    Compared to the 360, the next-gen xbox is intended to be better than the previous console. It will definitely have more powerful specs and more exclusive games.

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