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will i be abke to get an xbox by giving this stuff to gamestop?


i have some gaming stuff i wanna sell to get an xbox 360 do u think i can just trade or get cash and then pay for it? or whatever heres a list of everything.

CONOSOLES- nintendo wii, playstation 2

GAMES- wii- band hero,raving rabbids tv party, wii fit, geon cube,wii sports resort, lego star wars the complete saga, u draw studio, glee karaoke revolution, guitar hero three legends of rock, shaun white snowboarding road trip, wii sports, new super mario bros, wii play, carnival games,nerf n strike elite, rock band three, vertigo, mario kart, domino rally and maybe more im not sure.

Playstation 2-eye toy, eye toy play 2,gran turismo 3, need for speed underground 2

gamecube- tom clancys splinter cell, jeremy mcgrath supercross world, tiger woods pga tour 06, 007 everything or nothing, nascar thunger 2003, tony hawks pro skater 4, madden 05, need for speed hot pursuit 2, nascar chase for the cup 05, matt hoffmans pro bmx 2,

ACCESORIES- wii- 2 wii remotes, 2 wii nunchucks, band hero drum set, band hero guitar, guitar hero guitar, motion plus,wii sports nerf set, mario kart wheel,maybe more im not sure

playstation- driving wheel thing, 1 controller

and thats not it but u get the idea do u think ill have enough for the xbox 360 elite and some games or whatever? maybe even live? thanks!

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  1. You might but if I were you I would sell all of it on Craigslist or EBay, I think you will get double what gamestop would pay. and BTW I recommend a ps3. free online. best exclusives. blu ray. web browsing and all that good stuff

  2. Agree with above, – all except the part about PS3 :). The prices they offer you are sometimes horrific, and you would definitely make more money selling it online in sites like Ebay.

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