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Why Wont my Ps3 Work?


Me And my brother have had a ps3 each and both of them are now broken, we both got them the year they were released! And i was wondering if anybody knew what is wrong with them?

My Ps3 Problems: Wont play ps3 games only Ps1,Ps2,CDS,DVDS! and the controller will not connect

Brothers Ps3: Ps3 Will not connect to any tv and the controller will not connect.

With my brothers ps3 we have tried almost everything, Holding down the button to reset it, tried on 3 differnt tvs, tried HD and None HD.

We really would like to know whats wrong with them so we can get them fixed?

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  1. 1st)blu ray laser is defect(the other discs dont require the blu-ray,only the red laser).Buy a new one.

    2)Did u try also the AV cable?Did u buy a new HDMI cable?Did u try a new controller?with the cable and not only wireless?

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