Home Playstation Forum Why won’t my PS3 recognise my USB stick?

Why won’t my PS3 recognise my USB stick?


I’ve downloaded the latest PS3 system update (version 2.80 I believe) and followed the instructions on the Playstation website, but the PS3 says there is nothing plugged into it. Help.
I did that but it didnt work

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  1. well the ps3 has drivers for usb some maybe different to the usb ur using dose it find any thing on the ps3 saying found usb when u first put the usb memory stick in this source may help you

  2. it could need formatting for the ps3

    try putting music or a photo on it

    see if that’s found – either put in separate folders ( MUSIC – PHOTOS ) or not – hit triangle and select show all

    if it’s still not found it’s formatted wrong

    format it in your computer to fat32 before use then create the proper folders – PS3 – UPDATE – all caps , and download the update and place it in the update folder then place that in the ps3 folder

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