Home Xbox Forum Why isn’t my Xbox 360 repair updating? (Read ALL Below)?

Why isn’t my Xbox 360 repair updating? (Read ALL Below)?


ok, i live literally like 2 hours away from the repair center, and it has been 4 days, and they have supposedly not revieved my box yet.

here is the display of the status, i copied and pasted it:

Current Status Details

Repair order submitted

We will send you an e-mail shortly that contains a link that enables you to print your label online.

Repair order submitted

Your order is currently in the queue to be processed. We will mail your box to you shortly.

Shipping Information

Carrier: UPS

Shipping To:


Current Status: ARRIVAL SCAN Shipping Method: GROUND

Date Status Location

11/27/2008 7:10:00 AM ARRIVAL SCAN MESQUITE, TX

the date is 11/30/2008, and it says they have recieved it, but im only on the 2nd step (waiting for console)!! they said they are sending me a box.BUT I ALREADY SENT IT IN, IN MY OWN BOX! what the heck? they gave me a label, i printed it and put it on my own box and shipped it.thats what they told me to do.know they are sending me a box? what the heck.i honestly dont think it takes 4 FREKIN DAYS just to ship an xbox360 to the repair center that is like literally only 2 hour drive from my house! i could even walk there faster then they could ship it.its that close.

i live in north, very north, houston, near college station A&M.

and also.they said “They will send me a link of my shipping label, so i can print it”.WHAT THE HELL! I already shipped it! tehy already gave me a label!!

im horribly confused.someone please help me.and dont laugh at me.this is a seroius condition that many americans have been diagnosed with (RRoD).

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  1. They sending you a box is one of 3 methods available, if you’ve already sent it in your own box using your electronic label then don’t worry about it.

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