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Why is the PS3 last place in the sales chart?


Well I know that the Nintendo Wii is in first and the Xbox is second so why is the PS3 last well I’m more of a Nintendo person so I didn’t read any articles about why is it last place.
People I already know why Wii is on top

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  1. well i think you know the obvious reason that its not selling as much as the others but wii is on top because everyone wants it and 360 is on top of ps3 because it came out a year earlier but ps3 is actually number 2 at this point in all of their life cycles

  2. * Good question by the way, i enjoyed answering it.


    Wii is insanely cheap for a ‘next-gen’ console, and is extremley lucrative especially in our recession. The 360 price cuts are also attractive, and despite PS3’s one price cut its still too expensive for some people.

    I think the bottom line is people just want to experience next gen gaming as cheap as they can, unfortunatley this means buying a Wii or a 360.


    The wii novelty has attratced new people to gaming such as elderly and families. The PS3 audience is mainly males between 10-30 who want a powerful gaming machine.

    And parents, they think that getting their kid a Wii is somehow good for them, that they’ll somehow get smarter or lose weight playing games.


    The PS3 was released a year after 360 so there is still the gap to catch up. Sony actually tried to make a complete console as possible instead of rushing something to the market, and ignoring major faults like red rings of death.


    The PS2 is still going strong, many people want to stick to it as long as they can, and are waiting for a PS3 price drop.


    Possibly the worst thing out of the lot. People have been led to believe PS3 is way too expensive when in fact is costs less than a 360 if you consider what you need for that (official headsets, repairs, live subscriptions, netflix subscriptions).

    Then there is the stupid rumours of PS3 having no good games, when in fact it offers Killzone 2, god of war series, resistance 2, little big planet, metal gear solid 4 and a ton of other exclusives, while xbox is still hyping up halo and gears.

  3. Basically, because for one the Xobox360 released a year before the PS3. As for the Nintendo Wii. Well, the price for an Ninentdo Wii is $250,00. That is half the price of the PS3! Do the math.

  4. Many reasons, firstly because the Xbox came out for the PS3 and if you look the sales chart understanding that you can see the PS3 is catching up. As for why the Wii is in first, its mostly because non-gamers buy them, i.e. old people, little kids, technologically illiterate people.

  5. Wii = Casual gamers, no good games for Hardcore gamers. Can’t even play properly online and doesn’t have that intensity of playing online like PS3 and 360 has. I mean, you have to give numbers to play with friends? What is that lol. It sells good because the Media PRAISES it, seriously you will see news about how good Wii Fit is. You don’t see them praising Rock Band do ya?

    360 = Cheaper version of a PS3. With the economy being how it is, people will buy anything cheap. It came out on November 2005. They had a 1 year headstart. People don’t know that it actually costs more than a PS3 overtime. For instance, you have to pay $100 for Wifi, $30 for charging your controller, $50 for online gaming a year, 33% chance of dying and not working anymore. ALWAYS well advertised.

    PS3 = It came out on November 2006, 1 year after 360. Best choice for gaming. FREE Wifi Built in, FREE USB cord to charge your controller, FREE online gaming, 0.2% of dying and not working.

    It is last in sales because it costs so much but people don’t know that it is essentially cheaper than a 360. You will ALWAYS see negative things from the Media saying how expensive it is and how it is in last place. It barely gets advertised, I mean have you recently saw a PS3 ad that’s not about their games?

  6. The sales go this way: Wii, Xbox 360, PS3. That is also how the price goes.(Not counting 360 Arcade) People want to get the cheapest next-gen console. The PS3 is at the bottom because:

    Right now, quality is not the most important thing.

    Alot of people don’t realise the PS3 is cheaper than the 360 when you add up all the online values.

  7. Two Reasosn:

    1. The lie that there is no good games.

    2. The price (even though it’s cheaper than Xbox when you through Xbox Live into the equation)

  8. Because it is the most expensive.

    That is also the reason why Porsche’s are outsold by Hyundais.

    If you take the sales numbers and multiply them by unit cost, you’d see a much different picture. Wii might still be ahead by a little bit, but Sony is raking in more sales dollars than microsoft, at $400 to $500 a sale vs $200 to $350.

  9. I read about the 360 came out before the Ps3 and for some reason everyone likes the 360. But really sony is at least 2nd and nintendo is last if you count all electronics. Because more people buy sony TVs and all that stuff

  10. Because most people who bought the Xbox knows nothing about hardware and since the Xbox and Wii is so cheap, they bought that.

    Most owners of the Xbox and the Wii consider the PS3 as a rip-off even though the PS3 is actually very cheap for what you’re getting.

    Also, lots of people are insane for Halo 3.

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