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why does it take f*g forever for my ps3 to download update data?


I just bought the medal of honor game with MOH frontline for ps3 (really excited!) i tried to play multiplayer and BAM i have to download update data OMFG it says it takes 1025 minutes to finish and it gets higher and higher can someone explain this chrysis and tell me how to fix it? I just found out how i could get multiplayer.

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  1. PS3s take significantly longer to download things than the Xbox. If you’re using wifi it will make it even longer. I highly suggest an ethernet connection, it will speed it up quite a bit.

    Don’t worry, it’s normal. Steam does this as well, it told me TF2 would take a month to download when it took around 20 minutes.

    Or it could be your internet connection/provider.

  2. you have rubbish internet speed, changing your internet provider may give you faster download speeds, apart from that there is nothing you can do,,

    and also if you do get a xbox you will still have the same problems, so the xbox fanny boys are speaking out of there bum holes regarding about it

  3. PS3 is a jack hole when it comes to download speeds. It’s not just you. But it could be your Internet is crap, or someone is downloading something or watching something in your house.

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