Home Xbox Forum Why cant I connect to xbox live? please help?

Why cant I connect to xbox live? please help?


ok so the other day i was disconnected from xbox live while i was playing for no reason. I uplugged my router and turned the xbox off, waited a min pluged both back in and tested xbox live connection. it connects network but fails internet every time. I tried restoring the network to factory defaults but the same thing happened when i tested xbox live connection. What do I do? thanks.

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  1. Contact Microsoft regarding your Xbox as there might be a problem with your Xbox. Have you tried any other device with the Internet to check if Internet is working properly?

    Hope I helped

  2. Well, you see the main problem your having is the fact you have a xbox.

    Microsoft does not care to fix the xbox’s problems because there are sooooo many.

    Invest in a ps3 in the long run it will be cheaper than xbox due to no online costs.

    Plus 10x better graphics 🙂

    Also when you fix that problem a month later you’ll get the red ring of death.

  3. Can you connect to the internet on your computer? Also try opening ports, don’t know why it would randomly stop working. If neither of those work , call and complain to ISP. At least you can get some frustration out.

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