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Which ps3 model should i buy?


So i have decided to buy a ps3 now.Which model should i buy.

I already have 500gb hard disk so i don’t need much internal memory.

Plus it should be able to play all the latest game.Don’t want to be upgrading.Not sure about ps move right now so might as well leave it.So which model should i buy? It should be the cheapest.And is there any model along with which fifa 12 comes.I heard about one model along with which one bonus game comes

Would be better if the price is in Indian rupees

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  1. ps3 plays all the latest games (minus xbox exclusives but theres only 4) cheapest new I’ve sen (cause i’m in the same boat as you I want one lol) is $200 american.sorry i can’t help you out in rupees. Yeah.model that comes with games, theres one coming out on November 1 with Uncharted 3 that is $300 american.hope this helps

  2. In my personal opinion i suggest you shouldnt play video games because they can get really addicting. Trust me i started playin xbox like 2 years ago and after that my grades went down and i gained weight. I wish i wouldve never got it. But if u still want it you should get the console with the lowest amount of gbs

  3. any ps3 is good you dont really need a certain one. but the 60gb ps3 plays ps2 games and ps3 games but that is exclusive and only could buy that second hand so more chance of getting broken.in the uk ps3 350gb is about 260 pound but i really dont know indian rupees.

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