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Which game is better: Need For Speed: Rivals VS DriveClub (PS4)?


Hello everyone.

I have pre-ordered so far:

PlayStation 4

Battlefield 4


Watch Dogs

Need For Speed: Rivals

Which driving game should I buy: Need For Speed: Rivals or DriveClub (PS4)

I will be getting DriveClub for free with a PlayStation Plus Subscription, it is a full version but half of the music tracks and half of the cars are missing, which I don’t mind this to be honest because its free.

Also Sony said that DriveClub will be upgradeable to the full version on the PlayStation Store at a discounted price (probably half price of the game as you would buy in the shop)

Anyways, Need For Speed: Rivals is £43.99 and DriveClub is £55.00 on Amazon.co.uk

If I buy Need For Speed: Rivals, I will then have two driving games, which will be Need For Speed: Rivals and DriveClub for free on the PlayStation Store.

I asked Amazon.co.uk themselves an they said that I should go for Need For Speed: Rivals because its much better they said by the gameplay on YouTube, they said that DriveClub will be alright too but Need For Speed: Rivals will be better, according to Amazon.co.uk.

In your own opinion, would you buy Need For Speed: Rivals and also get DriveClub for free or would you buy DriveClub full version on its own and get no Need For Speed: Rivals.

In my own opinion, Need For Speed: Rivals + DriveClub free version would be excellent (I am not bothered about half of the cars and music tracks being missing, and plus I will be able to upgrade it to the full version for half the price of the game, so DriveClub is £55.00, so I will probably be able to upgrade it the full version for about £27.50 if I like it, now that’s a bargain)

Best answer gets!

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  1. This is a link where you can downlod for free Need for Speed Most Wanted: [url is not allowed]

    In this classic racing videogame you will be free to move around the city as you compete against other drivers. Although this title allows you to play by yourself with its single-player mode, you will always have an extra opponent while you drive. The police will try to chase and intercept you at all times, and will add extra adrenaline to the race.

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  2. Of course Amazon will recommend Need for speed because its the game you have to pay for, which means they make money! I agree with Glimmer Man – try the free one since you already have it. If you like it, then just upgrade if you feel like you’re missing out on the missing options.

  3. For me, one driving game at a time is enough. Try DriveClub and see if you like it. If you like it and feel the need to upgrade to the full version, then do so, but wait until you have played the “free” version first.

    If you don’t like it, then consider buying Need for Speed. You have enough other games to keep you occupied [when the PS4 is released], so you don’t need to make the decision now.

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