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Where is the cheapest place to buy a ps4?


Can i buy a ps4 overseas (US) and it work and read discs from Australia?

If you could link some places with cheap PS4s that would be helpful thanks.

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  1. Always buy games through playstation store If your local games store is NOT having a sale. Best place to buy ps4 is K Mart lol but you may need buy a desperate hardrive because k mart has cheap stuff

  2. Brand new PS4s are all the same price if you don’t count like a bundle gaming set or accessories. Sony like a bunch of other companies, puts their electronics on lock down so that the price is completely locked. Not even people who sell you these systems can knock the price down if you wanna get real and actually buy the system at GameStop like a normal person. There is no such thing as a cheap PS4 and if there is, it’s because it’s already been used and/or broken.

    But yeah, you can order a PS4 from here (US) and have it shipped to you and you can pick the language and stuff when you set up.

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