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Where do I find a PS3 game console that supports PS2 games?


My brother has one of the larger PS3 consoles and I think it’s the 80 GB but it doesn’t play his PS2 games. Alot of other people have this problem as well and I was thinking the new slim version may support PS2 but I’m not sure. Any ideas?

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  1. Its hard to find cause simply they don’t make them anymore you got to find a 20gb 60 gb ps3 you’re best bet is to look in ebay or craigslist

  2. The new slim PS3’s do not play PS3 games. However the 80Gb model your brother has should play them. The only other models that play PS2 games are the 20, 60 and 80Gb’s all of which are the FAT PS3’s. You will only find them as used models at Gamestop, Ebay and even some Best Buy stores.

  3. Well just search Amazon.com and ebay.com for a backwards compatible PS3.Or just search those 2 site for PS3 and look through the results to find one and it wont be a PS3 slim because that one is not backwards compatible.

  4. I would advise against getting an old ‘fat’ model for the backwards compatibility which let you play PS2 games.

    That feature causes the PS3 to heat up and eventually fail.

    I would recommend that you buy a newer slim model as it has a lot less failures than the old models.

  5. You’ll have to find an older Fat PS3 with 4 USB ports. Only those specific models are PS2 compatible. The Slim CANNOT play PS2 games. Again, Fat models with 4 USB ports only.

    Note: There were 2 versions of the 80GB: original 4 USB port model then the 2 USB port model. So if it’s the 2 USB port model, then it’s not PS2 compatible.

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