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When buying an XBox Live Gold Membership.?


I’m about to use my debit card buy a Gold Membership for 1-year. But im doing it on the xbox. what i want to know, is it a monthly payment or just one big payment of $50?

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  1. don’t buy on your xbox they will charge you again as soon as it expires. It is one big payment

    If you can wait a couple of days amazon has them for $34.54, these won’t renew if you don’t buy another one

    [url is not allowed].

  2. @Aimo I had the same problem, I was being charged even though I cancelled it. Pay with the year plan; better deal and easier to cancel. I stopped paying yearly and monthly because not many people know this but buying the 12 month cards at GameStop and other retailers are cheaper and you don’t have to worry about them charging your debit card.

  3. its all in one go payment. i payed monthly (£4.99 in england) and i couldnt cancel my debit card. so every month they was taking the £4.99 even if i wasnt using it.

    But if u get a years membership it will just come out all at once.

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