Home Playstation Forum whats the point of remote play with psp&ps3?

whats the point of remote play with psp&ps3?


i tried to do the remote play with the psp and ps3 and it worked i could access my ps3 stuff from my psp but i dont really see what i would use it for besides to look at my messages and stuff because its the same thing as just using the ps3 minus being able to play the games and u have to turn on the ps3 first and click the remote play on the ps3 menu to start it because i would like to be able to turn on my ps3 with my psp from another room and stuff. what other stuff can i use it for?

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  1. You can turn off and on you ps3 with the psp with remote play. You can watch your downloaded videos and audio. Some of the PS3 games can be played or enhanced with psp. some of the car games allow the psp to be used as a rearview mirror. Checkout the remote play page on wikipedia.

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