Home Xbox Forum what system should i get for christmas i have 2 options?

what system should i get for christmas i have 2 options?


alright well about 5 or 6 months ago i got a new ps2 because mine took a crap on me then a few months after that i got a wii but the only game that i have fun with on the wii is super smash bros brawl so i just left the wii to my sister now im saving up as much as i cant get for a xbox 360 or a ps3 i want the 360 because or gears of war 2 and halo but i want the ps3 for metal gear 4.please help me what do it do.will choose best anwser

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  1. If u want to have a cool system, get the PS3. If u want to be addicted, never leave ur room, and play the thing 24/7 because u think its the best thing that has ever happened to ur life, play the 360. Lol.

  2. XBOX 360!!.

    U SHOULD GET THE XBOX 360 halo3 is amazing on the 360 and is really fun when u are playing on xbox live

    the xbox 360 has more features and can go online!!

  3. xbox 360 by far the best choice put it this way they are cheaper and more titles out on it that the rival PS3 yes they don’t play blue ray but who really has the money to spend £20+ on a film anyways put it this way ive got a WII and a 360 i will get a PS3 once GT5 is out and all the issues of incompatible original games not working have been ironed out just read up on GTA4 not working on-line that will put the fear of god in you after spending £300 smackers on it


  4. Mate get the system that has your most favourite games on, you cant go wrong with that choice, take your Wii example, you only liked one game and now your bored, i choose the Xbox 360 because it has the best range of games on that i enjoyed the most and its cheaper, get a 60GB one or the Elite, dont get a 20gb new or used they are discontinued or are going to be soon when stock runs out, Xbox LIVE is great and you will meet loads of great friends, the 360’s now are pretty reliable with the Falcon motherboard revision, if you get one at christmas you may be lucky and get a Jasper motherboard, but i dont no when they are getting released yet though

    But as i said look what games appeal the most to you, both systems have some pretty awesome exclusive games

  5. well a xbox 360 is cheap and has gears of wars 2 and halo 3 and if you was wanting a ps3 because it has metal gear solid, dont there bringing out metal gear solid on xbox 360 at the end of this year and for online play i highly recomend an xbox 360 for xbox live its amzaming. i hope this helps you 😀

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