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What should my xbox gamertag be?



Im making a new xbox live acc online, and I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions for a gamertag? Im into fps, rpg and adventure games.

Ive thought of some. vote for either: TehRogueNoob or TehNoobWizard

Or please give your own suggestions,

thanks =)
Hey thanks for feedback, they were just some ideas I got off a forum. I have picked a few, and Im gunna pick one later. :] thanks

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  1. Please don’t put Teh it looks so retarded lol people don’t pronounce ‘the’ as ‘teh’ unless they’re from northern England. go with TheNoobWizard or TheRogueWizard or TheWizardNoob

  2. I agree with “Moo”. Also those names are kind of common, there are heaps of people with names similar to that. Think of something unique or different. So many people with Noob in their gamertag’s these days.

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