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what is aimbot in black ops 2 and how do i use it?


today I was playing black ops 2 on ps3 and some guy use aimbot and he was invisible how do I use aimbot and invisible in private matches or against bots like for fun what are the steps

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  1. You have to get your profile modded, sometimes you pay and also you have to get a modded controller, be careful cause you can get banned

  2. aimbot is a hack where a program aims for you , its cheating and violates the online code of conduct and will get you banned because even if you only use if in private matches it modding the software and violates the terms of psn and activision , you can’t just add it and disable for online play , once you mod its there always

    read the online rules and reasons you can be banned ( this is for cod ghosts but they all use the same terms and conditions )

    [url is not allowed].

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