Home Playstation Forum what is a better game system?

what is a better game system?


what is a better portable game system, psp or DS(DSi)?

what has better and more games?

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  1. PSP is a better system hence why its more expensive

    Look at GTA chinatown wars on DSi it looks very poor and bad like a flash game but on psp it looks acceptable like a birds eye ps2 game

    Also PSP has bigger and better games DSi has small games

    the reason they are so succesful is because they are cheap and nintendo are good at advertising

  2. It depends on what type of games you like.

    I have both PSP and DS.

    PSP is good if you like action, adventure, racing, sports.actually if you enjoyed playing on your PS1 or PS2, then the PSP is the handheld for you.

    Plus you’re able to look at photos, listen to music and watch movies on it and not to mention browse the net (with some limitations).

    DS is good if you have other friends who also have a DS handheld. It’s great for party games, tactical RPG, keeping your mind sharp, and Mario Kart.

    Obviously the PSP has a better library of games because of the more superior hardware.

    The best thing about both the PSP and DS is that you don’t have to buy games. You can simply d/l them.

    All you need is a R4 for the DS and a 4Gb MMC plus a PSP with custom firmware.

  3. to me the PSP because it is for more older people which is why i like it. Its graphics are smoother than the DS and i like its games better because once again they aren’t little kids games like the DS

  4. psp for sure.plus it has better graphics and you can listen to music,watch videos,and look at pictures,,also there is internet in it too

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