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What game should I get Killzone 2 or fallout 3?


I plan on only buying one for the time being. I hear fall out 3 is great but I also heard the same for Killzone 2.

I usually play cod 4 type games and madden09. Give me your playstation name if you guys want to go sometime.

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  1. well ones a great shooter and ones a great RPG(Oblivion is pretty by Far) if your thinking of Fallout3 as a shooter then you should get Killzone2. Compared to Oblivion Fallout3 is rather disappointing

  2. Killzone 2 all the way.

    The multiplayer is truely addicting. I love playing online when I get the chance. They are getting the new add on content for vehicles and such.

    The story is pretty tight, but it doesn’t last long. 7-8 hours.

    Fallout 3 is cool, but a disappointment compared to the originals.

    The Story will last a lot longer than Killzone 2.

    If you’re more of a COD person I would go with Killzone.

  3. That is a very tough question, i have both and must say that they are both fantastic. But Killzone 2 has great online play, whereas Fallout has an amazing story but no online, so it depends what you value most, online play or campaign.

    My name is: m11282617

    Terrible name i know but there you go.

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