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What are some good XBOX 360 games?


I just finished The Godfather II (it was okay just too long) and Call of Duty: World at war (LOVED it!) and it’s time for me to buy a new game what do you think I should get? I like first person shooter and strategy games like F.E.A.R. Hows Left 4 Dead? Fallout? Also give me you’re gamertages I’d like to add anyone who answers. Mines: fertho13

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  1. I have left for dead and it is pretty good i mean it beats Nazi zombies on Cod:World at War because your not just holding down a house. Personally I like Gears of War 2 because it is better than Halo and close to call of duty but your just in 3rd person mostly and can actually use cover. I also have Assassins creed which is a game that I love and the second one is supposed to come out in November if you want to wait for that. Also my gamertag is Vengance88.

  2. left 4 dead is amazing.

    fall out 3 is a really fun RPG but it is difficult at some parts. i was very confused most of the time. but then again i am 13 XD

    far cry 2 is fun also. a very good first person shooter.

    halo 3 is fun is you lie mythology.

    and one more thing Fall Out 3 is really good, but it is a slow paced game. i would buy it. but dont get gears of war 2 it was horrible.

  3. Have you played xmen origins it’s very good. Some other great games are : call of juarez, mortal kombat is great for online playing, and you should also try prototype and Afro samurai. There are some great upcoming game like halo odst and assassins creed 2. By the way my gamer tag is Golden Kymera

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