Home Xbox Forum Two red lights for my xbox 360!!?help?

Two red lights for my xbox 360!!?help?


two red lights happened for my 360 without any errors on screen.i just played with my 360 than my console turned off and i saw red light.and it was second red lights happened for my 360.my console was not hot.could be from power cord?or power cables?
is it dangerous?

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  1. its about to blow up! run like u have never ran b4. not really i wouldn’t have a clue, but i had u worryed didn’t i

  2. Of course it’s dangerous, but it’s normal for a 360 to break on its own. Here’s the answer to your problem, buy a PS3 and start playing beyond all others.

  3. Hey man, the 2 red lights mean your xbox is overheating. That can happen by having the xbox is a non ventilated area, sitting on carpet, or the power supply brick is not well ventilated. This cannot happen by playing too much so don’t worry.

    However, 2 red light can also appear even if your xbox isn’t overheating, and if that happens you’ll need to have it repaired.

    If you are getting 2 red lights, unhook everything, let it sit for 2 hours, then try again.

    Hope that helps

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