Home Playstation Forum this is a vote for ps3’s?

this is a vote for ps3’s?


vote for the one you own or like best vote for one from each category

1:ps3 fat(phat as in cool)

2:slim ps3 (the new one)

ps3 usage

1:a lot of usage

2:normal use

don’t change your answers if you read this those people who use their ps3 for an hour or more are killing it i found out after my ps3 almost stopped reading disks when i was playing battle field bad company 2 today

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  1. I own the 80 gb version but I like the size of the slim, and I haven’t used my ps3 lately bc there aren’t that many good games out now so I am waiting for assassin`s creed 3.

  2. fat, its clearly better, mine plays ps2 games has a swappable hard drive and can instal linix. clealy win

    lots of usage, its super awesome

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