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summer xbox 360 game?


I am looking for a good xbox 360 game to play this summer while I am off school, I loved GTA 4 and Saints Row 1&2 as well as crackdown, I guess I am looking for something similar to play. I also enjoyed the following titles:

Fallout 3


Burnout Paradise

CoD 4&5

I own Halo 3 and Halo Wars, but they got boring after a while.

Please help!

I was looking at Red Faction but wondering about replay value.


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  1. Well,yeah,i would recommend GTA 4 and you can even buy games like Call of Duty:World At War and you can even buy UFC Undisputed and Left For Dead 2 is really good too.But the best one I would recommend is Burnout Paradise,it can make you addicted to it!

  2. Prototype


    Watch for new Fallout expansions

    Dead Rising 2


    They may not be for this Summer.but check out E3 stuff. Some of those games look crazy

  3. Get Left 4 dead and Resident Evil 5, left 4 dead has lots or replay vaule, never gets old and left 4 dead 2 is coming out in november, its worth getting since you can get it cheaper than it was when it came out and Resident Evil 5 is great for re fans since you can play co-op. If you liked Halo Wars, i would suggest getting Tom Clancy’s EndWar, sure its pretty much the same but its only about 10 dollars used on Amazon, and its just a little different to make it pretty fun, an a older game that never gets old and you can play a lot is Dead Rising and BioShock and Assassin Creed, and they have sequals coming out this year so i’d look into it, well hope that helped, and happy gaming

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