Home Xbox Forum should i trade my xbox 360 falcon version in for a jasper?

should i trade my xbox 360 falcon version in for a jasper?


OK, Got my PS3 and just got my xbox 360 in the mail today. Dell was selling the 60 gig pro holiday bundle with endwar for $268. So i ordered it. I had read about how to see which motherboard you have (Falcon/Jasper) and mine ended up being the Falcon. My question is this, should I see if I can swap it out at Bestbuy or another retailer in order to try to get the Jasper? Is the sound that much of a difference? Is the power consumption that big of a change? It is sitting in its box right now but figured i would try to get advice first. Oh also, is the jasper just for the arcades? I read an article saying that they had 256 megs on board and i remember hearing they needed to do that for NXE. What are the failure rates for the Falcons?

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  1. Right now, the only model using Jasper is the newer Arcade models that have an internal on-board memory storage of 256MB, as opposed to Falcon which included a memory card. As with any Arcade unit, you can still purchase a 360 hard drive separately.

    I don’t think it’s worth the hassle though. Failure rates on the Falcon units is WAY lower than what the earlier release models were seeing and you still get the full 3 year warranty from Microsoft.

    Jasper may use less power than Falcon but it’s not a significant difference.

    As for NXE, it’s 128MB. It’ll use up half the on-board storage card, unless you have a hard drive installed.

    I’d just keep the Falcon unit. $268 is a great price for what you get.

  2. Its not that much of a difference. The falcons have a failure rate of about 13 percent so they dont fail that much. I have a falcon and its been fine and I dont really hear it running THAT loud. I’ve felt the air and its not very hot.just mildly warm. I’d say enjoy your Falcon because thats an awesome price you paid.


    Also I just saw that you mentioned that you heard about the 256 mb thing. Thats only for the arcades because NXE was running oddly on the memory card. Microsoft found that it was fine on the Hard Drive.

    -Hope this Helps

  3. I don’t think you can trade it in at Best Buy since you didn’t buy it from Best Buy. You need a receipt or a credit card to prove that you got it from Best Buy.

    I think you should trade it in because most people believe that it’s the GPU that’s making all those heat, so by replacing the 90 nm chip with the 65 nm chip, the GPU should be making a whole lot less heat, which should pretty much eliminate the ring of death.

    If there’s a 15% failure rate (if 15% is true), then that’s not acceptable. A 2 to 5% failure rate is acceptable. So, if 15% of the Falcon are failing, then the Falcon isn’t doing its job right.

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