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Should I play Xbox 360 and Computer?


I am a huge computer buff when it comes to gaming. I have a nice rig that holds up to todays games (for the most part). Sadly when I want to play with friends I realize “They all play xbox” lol.

So with little money to spend, should I pay for Xbox Live + Game price + learn a whole new system controls = to play with friends and people I meet or do I just keep gaming with random people I meet over the internet that I really dont care about?

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  1. This is really an interesting question. You shouldn’t obliged to buy and keep paying for an Xbox and go through the trouble of learning your way around it just because your friends want you to. I think, however, it is commendable that you want to play with them. I will say that Xbox has a great online experience and you don’t have to go through a lot of problems that you would have with a PC. If you want to play with your friends, go ahead and buy an Xbox, just be prepared to put out a fair bit of money. But if you don’t have that much money, I wouldn’t recommend it, because after all, PC games are great too. The choice is yours.

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