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should i buy call of duty black ops or resident evil operation racoon city for xbox 360?



  1. I personally think that is not something we can help with much. They are 2 completely different games, each giving it’s own experience. Although what I can tell you is that Black Ops has been called a horrible game, which I can personally back up. It’s campaign was dull, it’s multiplayer was infuriating due to the face that they give out some extremely overpowered guns fairly early on (Famas, AK-74u).

    The Resident evil franchise is not perfect, either. I think that Resident evil 5 was not scary and did away with some of the things that made it’s predecessor (Resident Evil 4) great. Raccoon city has been given pretty low ratings on Gamestop’s website, too for being disappointing.

    So here is my suggestion; don’t buy either of them. There are much better games out there. If you are looking for a survival horror game, try out Deadrising 1 or 2, or Resident Evil 4 if you have a PS2, Gamecube or Computer that can play it. If you want a fun FPS try Crysis 2. But I think I would stay away from those games.

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