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Should i buy a second hand ps2?


I traded mine in for an xbox years ago and kind of miss it.

Ive gotten into dragon ball z a lot recently and really want to play budakai tenchai 3, the new raging blast games are lame.

I hav a ps3 and xbox 360 already though.it costs 50 dollars FOR A SECOND HAND ONE (australian) for ps2 and the game is 20.

Do you think its worth it? Its mainly for the epic games on it but is 2nd hand going to last?

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  1. Even after having PS3 I like to play games on ps2 some times as it also have some exclusives and Why not to buy a second hand one if it works perfectly and if moded it is even better.

  2. I got my PS3 second handed. It works amazingly but I’m thinking about upgrading to the slim. But I would recommend getting it second handed because they’re cheaper but make sure to get a warranty for it so if it does break you have a way to get a new one.

  3. yes, you know ps2 games are eternal!, and i also kept my ps2 because sometimes it feels so good to

    re-play those great games! like MTGS2&3 and FF, i think you must go and buy that!, it’s worth it!

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