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Should i buy a PS2 fat or a PS2 Slim?


i know it probably is a little late to buy one i know they still make them but i want to get a PS2 instead of a PS3 for compadiblity issues with the Playstation(its going on 10 years this christmas) and for a back up for my Playstation and for some PS2 games. So should i get the slim verion of get PS2 or get the orignal fat one? Also Which one will also last longer

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  1. i think slim ps2 i have a silver it’s awsome but the black slim is the same and it is easier to install online just hook the router to the playstation 2 using a phone jack and the slim last longer

  2. Slim, definitely. I used to have the fat, and it was good, still in perfect condition, actually, just used, but I got the slim, and it’s a lot better.

  3. get the slim. if you want to go online with the fat, you have to buy extra parts that the slim comes with. i didnt know they still sold the fat actaully.

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