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Red Ring Of Death?


What is it? How do you get it? How do you prevent it?

I am getting a 360 soon & want to be prepared for all problems. if possible do u know any usual problems that also occur with the 360

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  1. I got it last night when I powered on, switched it off at the mains and re-powered on and it was ok again.

    The 3 RRoD is basically a warning indicator (where 3 of the 4 quadrant green lights around the on/off button of the console go red) to let you know that there is an internal hardware fault with your Xbox 360 console. The problem can on one of several unrepairable (by you) errors that require the console to be returned and repaired free of charge by Microsoft if the problem persists (is a permanent 3 RRoD problem).

    Usually, the best known reason for a permanent 3 RRoD is the overheating problem where the GPU and/or CPU overheats and requires replacing. Microsoft will fix this and update the heatsinks where necessary.

    It happens with all Xbox 360s, including those with the Falcon chipset (65nm CPU but still 90nm GPU). My friend had the 3 RRoD with his Halo 3 Edition Falcon Xbox 360. Make sure your console has adequate ventilation and don’t bother with intercoolers which either generate more heat with their fans or block airflow.

    FYI: I play Xbox Live for hours at a time and use my Xbox 360 to play AVI files through to my HDTV (using the HDMI port). It’s on for 12 or more hours a day playing Halo 3 and watching videos, it still works fine and I’ve had it for over a year now without the dreaded overheating problem. I keep my console on top on my table with nothing next to it and keep it standing vertically away from direct sunlight. I’m happy with it!

  2. If you are getting a Xbox 360 now, you are probably very safe from getting the RRoD.

    Older Xbox consoles had the problem, that a chip’s heatsink couldn’t handle the heat from a chip if the console was put in a too confined space with not enough “breathing room”. The excess heat would warp the contacts below the chip, and the console would malfunction, showing the 3 red lights as an indication of a hardware error.

    Other than that I’m not aware of any other problems. Just make sure you put your console on a well ventilated surface, and not in a closed shelf compartment.

    Also keep away from external cooling fans like an Intercooler or similar. They won’t help and only cost you money.

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