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Question about the PS3?


What is “Folding@Home”? Ive been looking @ it but i dont understand what it is for. Can some one tell me what it does? and how plz!

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  1. Folding@Home is Stanford University’s program, which unfolds protein molecules on your PS3. It helps to cure deseases. More info:

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  2. its a protein folding program that you can run whist your PS3 is idle to help make cures. I usually run it when I’m downloading things overnight.

  3. instead of using a supercomputer to do research stanford university has found a way to connect all the ps3 to do research for them basically. they connect to the stanford network then get their assingment and transfer the information back. it is harmless to the ps3 and is very helpful. i forgot what they were researching though i think it is some kind of disease or something

  4. Folding@Home is a program sponsored by ps3 for Stanford University. The program uses your ps3 to do protein folding and figure out how diseases such as cancer, alzheimer’s disease and others. The ps3 is used becuase it is 20 times faster at protein folding than any other PC.

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