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PS3 Vertical Position.should I worry about it?


I just bought a PS3 and I’m considering putting it vertically on my living to save up some space. My concerns is that the place I’m putting the PS3 has a shelf on top which sits 1″ or 1.5″ from the top air vent. Should I be concern that the top shelf would block to some extent the air flow and oveheat the system?

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  1. you can get a fan for you ps3. They intercooler fan made by Nyko is what i have. it’s a two part fan, that goes on the outside of the ps3. it has 3 fans on the back, and 2 on the side. it’s a good investment. in my opinion you should keep it horizontal. just too much of a risk of it tipping of or something. that’s just me. i keep my ps3 and 360 horizontal.

  2. unless you have a stand i would go horizontal and i have heard that on the ps2 if it was vertical it would mess up the laser which i doubt was true but you never know

  3. any way you slice it, horizontally is the better way to have it. it’s just safer. I personally have mine vertical, but it’s on a ventillated wire shelf with openings on the top and bottom. if your shelves have ventilation, then I guess that’s okay.

  4. i would suggest you put your ps3 horizontal and as far as worry about your heat not escaping i would agree. the heat that come out of the ps3 need somewhere to go and with it blocking the air from exiting it would just return to the console which would lead to your ps3 turning off. the ps3 has a feature to turn off before any type of overheating damages occur. don’t do the fan it not needed and you just lay it horizontal or find a better place for it to let the heat leave your be ok!

  5. ive been keeping mine vertical and have no problems but in your situation with the vents and all i think you should put it horizontal

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