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ps3 update freezing problem?


i recently updated my ps3 to 3.0 and now im having a problem with it freezing all the time whenever i try play games,listen to music ,watch movies or even when im just in the XMB. i never had ne problems before update and its not my hardrive causing the problem ether.its the old 60 gb version.

anyone else haveing this problem? and will i need a warrenty to get it fixed or replaced even if its sonys fault for the update reking my ps3

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  1. Same here, I updated to 3.01, and it seems to have helped, it’s freezing a lot less, and Drakes Fortune works now, but it’s still a bit glitchy. So, the patch seems only to improve things a bit, (still download it though, a bit is better than nothing, lol)

    I read somewhere that Sony is aware of the problem, and that the next firmware update will include a total fix, but frankly, they should be fixing it now, since frequent freezing can possibly damage people’s PS3’s*

  2. Join the club. it is a wide spread problem with 3.0/3.1 update, Sony royally screwed the pooch on this one, and is claiming that they are isolated incidences which they are trying to correct even now. I have no clue how many millions have been affected by the update problems, but for each person who claims they haven’t had a problem I’ve seen at least one that has had it.

  3. 3.01 is pretty much useless. It only fixes glitches on one game and there were a few patches in there. Wasn’t even made mandatory. This is affecting almost everyone, I cant even get online with my master account anymore. Also, it is not compatible with the knock off controllers bought online. The only way for the problem to be fixed is for sony to do their job and get rid of 3.0

  4. I am having the same problem only when I am on the messaging screen. its annoying. there is a 3.01 update, I will try updating to that tomorrow, try doing it, I think it fixes the problem.

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