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PS3 slim or Fat PS3?


Which one is better and why? Detailed answers pwease? 😛

Thanks in advance 😀
BTW, is the slim version slower? Does it also have better interface and sound? Thaaanks for the answers haha 😀

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  1. I prefer the slim because it looks better. The Big one has more memory, but I like the slim just for looks. My opinion.

  2. don’t know what these foold are talking about. the slim and fat PS3’s use the same processors, the slim’s are smaller, and slightly more efficient, which is why they don’t get as hot.

    more memory? the largest HDD on the fat was 80gb.

    the only reason to get a fat PS3 is the PS2 backwards compatability. if that’s not something that interests you, then go with the slim.

    if you do want PS2 BC, then a 60gb PS3 is your best bet. the 60gig has PS2 hardware installed on the mother board. the 80 gig BC ps3(there’s an 80 that cantplay PS2 games) uses software emulation.

    you can tell quickly whether the system will play PS2 games by checking the number of USB ports in front. if you got 4, your good. 2? no BC.

    also the 40gb PS3’s are also fat. but no BC.

  3. LOL wow I can’t believe people are actually saying that the FAT PS3’s have better processors and are faster. That is untrue. I have both versions and both have the exact same CPU/GPU processors. In fact the slim is much more efficient and saves 33% more power than the fat one so it doesn’t overheat. Both are almost the same speed but I have noticed that my games start up faster on the slim than the fat. Also, sound and interface are exactly the same. Actually sound more likely depends on what input you are using (component, hdmi, composite) HDMI delivers the best sound quality along with a good sound system. Plus, the slim models currently hold the most hard drive space available. (120-250gb) as the fat version’s maximum is 80gb. Yes you can buy your own hard drive and put it in for more space but why spend the extra amount. I think 120gb is a suitable amount unless you buy everything off the PSN store.

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