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Ps3 Slim, cant use hdmi? someone help me here.?


I’ve tryed everything here, i can’t seem to make it work iv took it back 3 times now. So far i don’t think the ps3 slim can go hd or anything in that matter. I plug ed it in my ps3 and to the tv hdmi dvi input one i put that channel on the tv. I held the power reset button down for the 2 beeps the system shuts off. I tryed holding it down for 5 secs letting go and hold it again for that fast 2 beeps. But so far all my tv can say is no signal im about to just go get my money back does anybody know how to get the slim to work on a hd tv.

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  1. first, test that hdmi cable with another device like a cable box. do you see a signal from that device? it could be your cable is bad. if the cable is good, then plug it back into ps3 and turn it on.

    if you have more than 1 hdmi cable plugged into your tv, on your remote hit the “TV/video” button or “Input” button to change to the right ps3 input.

    you probably have the ps3 cable in another hdmi input. usually people have a hdmi cable for their cable box and a hdmi cable for the ps3. on my hdtv, the hdmi cable is in input 2 and I have to hit my “tv/video” button to switch to the ps3.

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