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ps3 problem please help?


ive had a problem with my ps3, with the blue ray lens this started about 6 months ago and i wasn’t going to try and fix it but now with the new black ops game lol. so i started doing a little research a while back and i found that i needed to replace the lens. so i got a new one of ebay, so my bother (who’s a computer engineer) and i took it apart and replaced the lens we finally got it back together plugged it in and turned it on, everything was fine it read the disc, played the disc so i was about to play MW2 and everything was good until it started loading the game then all of the sudden it turns off and it flashed yellow a quick green and then started to flash red(the ps3 was on for about 5 minz), tried turning it on and it didn’t just three beeps and then the lights. and now i know its caused by an overheating problem, so im thinking the fan has a sensor that is making the ps3 think is overheated and shuts down.

would appreciate all suggestions, tips, answers. thank you

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  1. did you properly place the fan back in the proper position? if you placed it else where the heat is trapped until it finds the way out, so first check the fan. does it work properly when you don’t run any games? i don’t know much but i think when you put the pieces back, you probably misplaced something.

  2. Sounds like you have the YLOD (Yellow light of death). I had it on my ps3 and took it to the store and it is not fixable. I would suggest buying the slim version of the ps3. I have it now and have not had a problem.

  3. well you probably ordered the wrong model because the kes are the fat ps3 lens’s only your slim model is much more different or the lens makes the ps3 overheat by trying too hard to read the disk this lens problem is the one i have it happened a month ago and i bet it started happening to you long before you even noticed it because every time you play a game on the broken lens the last life of the lens is decreased by minuted so i kept playing it until it went from $25 mins of game-play to 0 today it doesn’t read it at all so you should have got it repaired by some other guy who has been doing this stuff for years and there are two different models for each type of ps3 like *400 is oly the lens and *410 is the deck and lens * is either kes or kem

  4. That’s a prob many are facing.

    Here is a quick n easy way to fix PS3 errors like Red/green/blue blinking errors or Red screen of death [url is not allowed]

    This is not free, but much lesser than $149 as demanded by sony officials.

    It costs $37 and is instant i.e. no waiting of weeks.

    Good gaming

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