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PS3: How do I find my friend on Playstation network?


I would like to know how to locate a friend in the following situations (assuming it is possible).

1) Playstation Network Home, where you walk around, go to the mall, etc. When we tried it, we seemed to be in different worlds, alternate realities if you will.

2) Madden 10: We were able to join the same franchise league, but how can we meet to play just an ordinary game that is not part of any season?

3) Friends. How do you add friends in either Madden or anyone else for that matter?


If I connect a keyboard of any type, as long as it is USB, to the second controller slot, will I be able to communicate using it?

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  1. 1). When you’re both in Home, hit Start and go to your friends list on the little device thing. Then click on your friend and re-locate to him.

    2). I dont own Madden but if its like any other game, just go to your in-game friends list and click join or invite your friend.

    3). Do you mean add people that arent already on your PSN friends list? Just go to the XMB, go to the far right and click the Add Friend thing or whatever its called and type in their name.

    Other: There is no controller ports since the controllers use bluetooth (they’re wireless). But ya, any keyboard you plug into your ps3 will work for typing out messages for filling in forms.

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