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PS3 Game ?


What game should I buy?

I mainly debating between Little Big Planet and Killzone 2., but any suggestion is ok.

I only have 60$ to spend at the moment.

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  1. If I were you then I would wait for Killzone 2. It has great graphics, an awesome story for a shooter game, and its supposed to be 2009’s Shooter of the Year! If you have the patience, wait for Killzone 2.

  2. Killzone 2 is thwe better one a 10 hour campaign that will be stunning packed with boss battles and sick gameplay and a online like no other get killzone 2

  3. My personal fav’s are Call of duty 4 and 5( world at war), they have great multiplayer game modes, and very good graphics. they are still 60 bucks.

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