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ps3 and tv help needed fast!!?


ok so i was on my ps3 yesterday and it was fine i go on it today ( not changed any settings on the ps3 or tv ) and when i turned the ps3 on the writting is really big, i didnt mind i put a game in and the picture some how went to widescreen when and it looks wrong i have a 21 inch tv. its like that for all the games it has a black boxs at the top and bottom of the screen when it should be on fullscreen

can anyone give me any advice on how to change it back to fullscreen ive already tryed to do it on my tv and restored my ps3 to factory settings and it didnt work :S.

help please!


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  1. Hmm! Have you called Sony? If not I’d give them a call at 1-800-345-7669! Alos check Sony’s PS3 support site! I’ve included the link to the troubleshooting section for video settings! Good luck!

  2. Have you tried taking all the cables out and inserting them back in it? A loose cable might cause it.

    Even though you have reset your PS3 to factory settings in order to make sure go back through the display setup ensuring you have selected the right options.

    Hope something works out!


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