Home Xbox Forum pressing the power button on an xbox 360?

pressing the power button on an xbox 360?


so if you are playing on xbox live and just press the power button on the xbox itself, while playing a game does that harm anything?

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  1. It doesn’t harm Live at all. I would recommend taking the disc out first, though. I find that this is healthier for the disc and extends it’s life. Turning off the console can cause small micro-scratches on the disc.

  2. well you may lose any unsaved progress and sometimes go down a lvl in cod right after you lvl up but other than that no.

  3. no, but if u press the eject button Iam sure the game sectors on the disc will be burned and forms rings on the disks

  4. More than likely it wont but in the middle of a game where you have limited saves it might cut your progress back. Also in a Call of Duty game your levels might get knocked back if you do it too soon after leveling up.

  5. It isn’t supposed to be good for the x-box if you do it too much.

    You probably should go back to the main control base, and shut the xbox off using the controller.

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