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playstation taking money from me?


i got a bank statment saying that i have spent 13 pounds on a game in the store but i did not download gta lost and damned add on as i do not have the game also the minnimum payment is 5 pounds so who ever did this must have put on 15 the the matter is where is the other 3 pounds it does not show what it was used on

can i contact sony support and please can you give the the number and some guidence

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  1. you must of gave somebody your user name and password are they hacked into your account that is the reason why sony ps3 sucks so much to easy to hack into somebody account when you have the system hooked up to the internet i hate thief’s all the time the same thing happen to two of my friends,

  2. well someone hacked into your account and used your credit card to buy the add-on I suggest you can the bank first then call Playstation

  3. Sounds like someone got a hold of your account info and password. Playstation website should have info on how to contact them.

  4. someone must have hack into your account and bought it or it a mistake on there part either way call sony or complaint to them!

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