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Playstation Price Rumor?


Well it looks like there E3 sale has started but is the Rumor actually true cause I was planning on buying a Vita for my brother so I figured I’d wait till the price drop if it actually happens. I read on a sight that they we’d find out on the E3 sale by them having aiming on it that gives you the answer and I couldn’t find any yes or no so if anyone has an answer let me know please.

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  1. There was no price cut as the rumors had stated and the sale you’re stating is the E3 sale which some PS3/PS4/PSVita games are going on sale. Try amazon usually they kinda have some in stock and some can be cheap.

  2. e3 ended a week ago and there was no price cuts on consoles , the e3 sale you are talking about is the one in the playstation store

    if you go to store.sonyonlineentertainment.com you can see the sale , its just on certain games and ends tomorrow morning

  3. There isn’t one. It’s RUMOR and E3 is over and there was NO price cut announcement. Check local stores for deals or go online.

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