Home Xbox Forum omg someone deranked me on xbox live call of duty 4?

omg someone deranked me on xbox live call of duty 4?


ok so im just a normal girl and i was playing call of duty 4 in cage match.n the person that got paired up with me hacked the game and i got deranked for no reason at all. The kid thought he was funny and refused to fix it unless i payed him so now im like below level 1 and its realy annoying cuz i can only join a session in progress if i wana play and it take 4 evr! its such a pisss offffffffff and that like my fav game evaa

does any1 know how to fix it? pleaseeeee

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  1. you could try deleting your account and recovering it and it might be fixed. theres NOTHING TO LOSE!! so its worth trying -rob

  2. My advice is consult Microsoft. (By calling 1-800-4MY-XBOX)

    This idiot kid may think he is funny, but he isn’t. Once he gets contacted by Microsoft he will * his diapers.

    If Microsoft doesn’t help you, then just make another account. That’s all I can suggest if Microsoft doesn’t help you.

  3. the only people that could possibly fix it are the developers but they never really cared in the first place so your out of luck, you may want to start a new account. FYI next time that happens and you notice something funny dashboard right away and it will not save.

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