Home Xbox Forum Ok, So im really blazed, I got Xbox Live. What to do?

Ok, So im really blazed, I got Xbox Live. What to do?


Well my little nephew is playing Halo 3 and we have Modern WarFare 2, And he’s playing Halo3 by himself because, I out playd it, I have never lost in a game of halo, I was sponsored on Halo3 but i quit because i got so bored of it, Should i play Modern WarFare 2 and kick my newphew off.?

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  1. You slap your self for wasting money on an inadequate gaming system.

    But in all seriousness.kicking off your nephew? That’s assholish.

    Even though I dislike both series, Modern warfare is a better game both graphically and gameplay wise.

  2. well instead of kicking your nephew off, you could share it with him. It’s a little to late for modern warfare anyway. Go into the store and buy some new games or wait because black ops and halo reach r coming out. Call of duty is also REALLY fun but like all games they get boring, so you have to move on.

  3. This guy said he’s blazed.XD Anyway,take that lil kid off and shot that mug how YOU do it!While you’re blazed.It makes me laugh just thinking about.Telling everybody you blazed.XD

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