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New cod 5 maps on xbox 360? Are the good or are the trash?


i dont no i dont feel like paying 10 bucks to get micro points way to lazy and plus i feel like they suck and stuff. so yeah just answers this.


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  1. I wouldent buy them, $10 is alot for a few maps. I always seem to buy the maps right before they become free.lol. but yea just wait it out they will be free

  2. cod 4 maps were a waste of money

    this new cod 5 maps are actually pretty good, but on my opinion the only reason to buy them is if you are into nazi zombie play because the new nazi zombie map looks pretty good

  3. the new maps are amazing deffinetly worth buying. i downloaded them as soon as i got home fromschool adn plus its double xp week till wednesday. the new zombie map is awsome too im not a big fan of zombies but i loved playing it today on this map deffinetly wort the 10 bucks. new maps + double XP week i mean its jsut a perfect setup for lloads of fun

  4. Just buy them, they won’t be free. COD 4 maps aren’t even free yet.

    They MIGHT go half price in like a year and a half, but not free.

    New zombie map too.

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