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My brand new Xbox pitted a disc, am I entitled to any kind of refund or replacement?


I bought a new Xbox from Argos in the UK, and the second day I had it, it started making a strange grinding jamming kind of noise, and left two different circular scratches in a game disc. Am I entitled to a refund or replacement from Argos or Microsoft? And if so, how?

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  1. Yeah you can send your x-box back to the address that is on the box that you got you x-box from. they will replace it for you

  2. Go to the place you bought the Xbox, poop in your hand and fling it at them. (Answer: Yes. go to the place and instead of throwing feces explain and demand a replacement.)

  3. Was it due to a fault with the console or is it because you have your console stood on its end and knocked it whilst you were playing? if you knocked it while you were playing then it’s hard luck. if however you have your console flat on its feet (which is really how it’s designed to be used) and it damaged the disk partway through a game session then you are certainly entitled to a repair or replacement console but may have trouble getting a replacement game disc.

  4. My aunt works as Argos so I know how the procedures work. Take the Xbox and game back to Argos Customer Service (with your reciept) and tell them what has happened as fully as you can. They may give you a replacement, or send the product off for further investigation, which usually takes around 7 days. You will then recieve a refund/exchange, and you can also file a complaint. Argos may send the product back to Microsoft too, if they find there is a fault. But your best bet will be exchanging/refunding both the Xbox and the game, and don’t be afraid to argue your point!

    Hope this helped:)

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