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Midnight Club L.A. Remix PSP Help!?


When I try putting in a cheat code for mnc l.a., nothig works. I tried “gotcash”, to get extra money on the game, but it never works, along with the other codes. Also, all these same codes come up on trusted websites, so it’s kind of wierd. If you know of any working cheats, or if I’m doing something wrong, please help!

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  1. your problem is that your using a psp. i have a psp and that game. the cheats are only for playstation 2. the good cheat websites dont worry about checking them on psp and ps2 so therefor they put them on both psp and ps2 game sites even though they dont work. they think if it works for ps2 it works for psp. i had the same problem happen with mnc la remix and mx vs atv untamed

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