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Mass Effect 3 DLC lock up on the 360?


I just downloaded DLC for mass effect 3 (extended cut, from ashes, leviathan, omega) and every time i start it, it will not go past the checking for DLC pop up on the main menu. i have waited 30min for it and tried both disks but it dose not work, i have even deleted and redownloaded all of it but still it will not let me play. Also i do have a stable link to xbox live (I know i dont need it but im just saying) please help me.

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  1. i had something similar with the Omega DLC. I did a download again and after that it did work correctly.

    Initially it just would not start.

    So i think it could be that. Also, as i understood it, the Omega DLC will only start if you are past a certain point in the single player game.

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