Home Xbox Forum Is there really going to be a Xbox 720?!?

Is there really going to be a Xbox 720?!?



  1. Xbox 720?!?!?!?!

    hahahahaahhaa imagine that

    360 over heats

    Whats the next one gonna do?

    Freakin blow up?!!?!?!!?


    red ring of death all over again.

  2. yeas, no, maybe, possibly. thats the best answer you will ever get. no one can exactly say that there will be a xbox 720 because if their is it could be scrapped. another thing is that if it does come out it may be scrapped within the first few months because of the RROD scare with the 360s. If there is one i sudjest you wait a year to buy one to see if it has the same episode with the other 360s. and to every one who disagrees about the RROD, well there is cases of the RROD in the jaspers. mine is already getting really hot.

  3. From what I’ve heard on different answers people don’t really know if there is going to be a 720 or a 180 because some say yes and some say no, and those who say yes all say different times. The best answer I’ve heard for yes is that it won’t come out for a few years.

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