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Is the Xbox 360 Worth Buying Anymore?


Since alot of Xbox’s are messing up including my old one.Should i buy the xbox 360 arcade? are those fixed so it wont come up with the red ring of death or so it wont mess up and stop reading discs
well i have 2 wireless controllers, a 20 gb HD for it already plus like 9 games too.and the ps3 is kind of expensive.i mostly want to play street fighter 4, and the aniversary edition for the xbox,and most of my friends have a 360 so i wont have to buy so many games.

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  1. all the newer consoles have a “jasper” chip inside which produces less heat then before. RROD is fine now, so if you liked an xbox 360 get a new one. or get a ps3.

  2. I personally wouldn’t get the arcade, I’d get the premium. I don’t think they mess up anymore, mine hasn’t messed up and I’ve had it for about a year now. Buuut, I don’t think the Xbox 360 is worth buying anymore, since the Playstation 3 is gonna rule the upcoming years. Killzone 2, God of War 3, Uncharted 2 and more, make the Ps3 the console that is a must have over the Xbox 360. I personally have a 360, but I’m getting the Ps3 because I don’t wanna miss out on those games.

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  3. Yes, i have had a 360 since it came out. Its great and its worth buying. My first one broke just about 5 months back and i had it for like 3 years. I originally bought the pro. I would say dont buy the arcade but buy the elite. The reason i say this is because 2 of my friends both got the arcade the same time and they play all day. One’s arcade broke in 6 months and ones arcade broke in 7 months. So dont get the arcade and try to get the elite. If you really want a arcade, i would say dont play it all day like my friends because that is how their xbox broke. Play for about 3 hours a day and i am sure it will be fine. The 3 rings of death is covered for you for free by xbox so you dont have to worry about it. It wont stop reading discs if you dont play all day long and if your not a intense player. If you are, then get the elite.

  4. the best thing u can do which i had done was take ur white 360 in and trade it for the elite save money versus the ps3 get a bigger harddrive u get hd gaming and overall 360 online burns ps3 haha

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