Home Playstation Forum Is purchasing the PlayStation plus on the ps3 worth it?

Is purchasing the PlayStation plus on the ps3 worth it?



  1. Not really. The free stuff never really adds up make up for the ridiculous price. The free stuff is usually the stuff that costs like $5 max. The only thing you can’t do without buying the subscription is the online storage of your games save data. Which I guess is a good thing if you play a lot and don’t have much Hard drive space. Otherwise it’s pretty useless in my opinion.

    My recommendation is not to waste your money. Save that money for something else that’s new and really high on your wish list.

    I hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Yes it’s worth it if you buy SEN [PSN} games. You get good discounts on many SEN games. You also get early access to betas and demos, free 1 hour game trials of recent games as well as free full games. In addition you get premium dynamic themes for your system, premium avatars and premium game add-ons. One of the best features is the cloud storage server. You can copy your game saves to cloud and then download them another PS3 to play. This is great if you want to play your game at a friend or relative’s house. It’s also a life saver if your PS3 breaks, because then you don’t have to worry about losing your saves. It will even copy saves that are copy-protected.

    The free games you get are only available if you are a subscriber. So when your subscription ends you lose access to them.The same goes with your save files that are copied to cloud. The nice thing is that you have complete access to them again if you choose to subscribe again. So basically they are waiting for you, they don’t get deleted from the server. Any discounted content you buy is yours to keep even after your subscription ends. The same goes for the themes and avatars you get.

    I think it’s worth under $5 a month for the subscription, but money isn’t a concern for me.

  3. it depends if your active on the psn store alot because if not then its a waste. sure it gives alot of games and dlc’s a discount but if you dont have psn funds its not worth it. only get it if you can get funds to spend because if not its a waste.

  4. No rather cheesy, the free games you get our so outdated that they are no longer that fun. You get better free games on an ipad or iphone. When you think about it, it’s way overpriced.

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